River Town Radio Theatre Presents Its Summer Series with: Tales of Vacation, Cultivation, and Alienation


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River Town Radio Theatre Presents Its Summer Series with: Tales of Vacation, Cultivation, and Alienation

CONTACT: Robert Rando (Robert@bookgarden.biz, 908-996-2022)

STOCKTON — River Town Radio Theatre is back at the Prallsville Mills Friday night, July 19th from 7PM-9PM.

This performance will start by exposing our listening audience to the new norms in outdoor vacationing. Don’t forget to dress appropriately and bring a walking stick, just in case.

Then, staying with the outdoor theme, we will explore farm to table dining when a master gardener gets her research funded by the CIA as RTRT once again ‘borrows’ a work of George Point who, when not producing top-secret technical journals, hosts his popular radio program, ‘Book Talk’ on the very best radio station in the country: WDVR FM!

Poor Mouth is our musical guest for this performance and they will be, without a doubt, both educational and delightful to listen to as they perform the roots of traditional Appalachian music.

Some in the audience may be a bit tired from all that toe-tapping when RTRT returns to the stage and presents an interesting tale of a small town dynamics as the residents try their hardest to understand the difference between immigration, emigration and outright Alien invasion in a piece we call “Welcome to Our Town.”

“RTRT practices the art of borrowing without asking,” the organizer of River Town Radio Theatre has been heard acknowledging after being questioned by the FCC.

Showtime: July 19, 2019 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Tickets: Tickets are $10/person
Proceeds benefit the Delaware River Mill Society and WDVR FM
Location: Prallsville Mills, 33 Risler St, Stockton, NJ 08559

Seating is limited: You can purchase tickets in advance on the Mill’s website

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