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Gabriel Molina Bio

Gabriel Molina is a Philadelphia-South Jersey based artist. From a young age, Gabriel has always had an attraction to and natural talent for fine arts. Drawing, painting, and sculpture were just some of the skills improved upon in elementary and high school. As a college student at Villanova University, Gabriel received formal training in watercolor painting, drawing, and Byzantine icon making. This hands-on training was a great addition to Gabriel’s undergraduate studies in Art History for which he completed his degree in 2014. It was at Villanova where Gabriel first displayed some of his earlier watercolor works. Gabriel is inspired by the symbolism and iconography of European Baroque works, which served as the subject of his thesis “Royal Power, Religion and Portraiture in Seventeenth-century Spain”. Contrasting sharply with this interest, is his deep appreciation of tribal and ancient art which has inspired his Ancient Civilization Skull series. Gabriel’s own Puerto Rican heritage plays a large part, not only in who he is, but also in his art, as seen in his “Puertas de mi viejo San Juan” (“Doors of My Old San Juan”) series. When Gabriel is not creating art, he works for the Rutgers University-Camden Community Leadership Center as a Program Coordinator for Jumpstart, a supplemental early childhood education program facilitated by university students. This is a natural fit for Gabriel who actively looks to make an impact in under-served and under-resourced communities.

Gabriel Molina CV

2018- University of the Arts “Mazzoni Center Gala: Metamorphosis” Philadelphia, PA. USA
2018- Broward Art Guild Gallery “Untitled” Fort Lauderdale, FL
2017- Adventure Aquarium “City of Camden’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration” Camden, NJ
2012- Villanova University “Spring Student Art Showcase” Villanova, PA