Dar James

One Love

This Piece Hosted By: Logan Inn

“One Love,”

Artist’s Statement: Acrylic and infused acrylic resin. By Dar James of New Hope, PA

Trees are the focus and inspiration of nearly all my paintings. They are symbolic of so much: Family, Love, Knowledge, Strength and Longevity. The idea behind this tree painting was to create a joyful image that honors the spirit of my hometown of New Hope, as a Pride town where all humans are welcome and Love is Love.

Dar James Bio

Dar James grew up the daughter an artist, but did not expect to be one. She received a BA in Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri and a graduate certification in Language Arts Education. After a brief stint as a high school teacher, she married, had two sons and lived in rural Ohio, where days were spent in a busy balance of the domestic and the curious. Diapers, naps and laundry one moment… nature walks, garden discoveries, finger paints and homemade clay the next. As it turned out, the silly little art projects she set up for her young sons would be the beginning of her own career as an artist. An accidental artist.

That was over two decades ago. Though her work in education continues as a workshop facilitator, a visiting author/illustrator, an artist in residence and a speaker on creativity, the paintbrush and the canvas– the tools of her father– have taken center stage.

Inspired by the world around her, James’ art is nature inspired, and primarily devoted to trees, stones and water. Her signature dot work turns her paintings into magical, dream-like scenes where twinkling trees sway under moonlit skies and stones shine beneath shimmering waters.

She lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania with two lazy house cats… in a quaint, old house, surrounded by many pretty trees. When not making art she likes to read, run, practice yoga and study tarot.

No Fireworks This Year…

Sorry to announce… We are not holding fireworks this year, including the 4th of July. There’s still plenty to do in Lambertville such as kayaking/tubing on the river and e-bike sales/rentals. And our shops and restaurants will be excited to see you!